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New galaxy cluster


The most massive conglomeration of galaxies ever spotted in the early universe has been found, astronomers say.

This behemoth galaxy cluster contains about 800 trillion suns packed inside hundreds of galaxies. And it’s not even finished growing.

The newfound cluster, called SPT-CL J0546-5345, is about 7 billion light-years from Earth, meaning that its light has taken that long to reach us. Thus, astronomers are seeing this clump as it was 7 billion years ago.

By now, it likely will have quadrupled in size, researchers said. The universe is about 13.7 billion years old.

“This galaxy cluster wins the heavyweight title,” astronomer Mark Brodwin of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass., said in a statement. “It’s among the most massive clusters ever found at this distance.”

While there are some heavier clusters in the near universe, if we could see this cluster as it is today, it would likely rank among the most massive clusters of all, the researchers said.

Brodwin and colleagues reported the discovery in a recent edition of the Astrophysical Journal.

Dark energy

The discovery could help scientists piece together the early history of our universe, as well as how strange stuff called dark energy played a role.

Seven billion years ago, our solar system – which is about 4.5 billion years old – was not yet born. This cluster must have formed relatively soon after the Big Bang to have amassed such a girth so early, scientists said.

“This cluster is full of ‘old’ galaxies, meaning that it had to come together very early in the universe’s history — within the first 2 billion years,” Brodwin said.

These days, new galaxy clusters cannot form because of the universe’s accelerating rate of expansion – each galaxy is flying apart from all others at ever-increasing speeds. This is thought to be caused by a mysterious force scientists have named dark energy.

Scientists think dark energy is behind the universe’s mysteriously accelerating expansion, but they can’t establish for sure that this force exists.

Weighing massive clusters like SPT-CL J0546-5345 could help astrophysicists  pin down the nature of this odd quantity.

South Pole vision

The galaxy cluster was spotted by a new, huge 33-foot (10-meter) telescope at the South Pole, where the observatory benefits from an exceptionally clear, dry and stable atmosphere that enables extremely crisp high-resolution photos.

The so-called South Pole Telescope, funded by the National Science Foundation and run by scientists at more than a dozen international institutions, is finishing up its first survey of a huge swath of the sky in relatively long-wavelength, low-frequency submillimeter light.

Once the survey is complete, the researchers hope to find many more previously unknown giant galaxy clusters.

“After many years of effort, these early successes are very exciting,” Brodwin said. “The full SPT survey, to be completed next year, will rewrite the book on the most massive clusters in the early universe.”


Sonam Kapoor

The sizzling Sonam Kapoor, made a guest appearance in a T.V show recently. But very few people might know this that Sonam has had a really long time crush on Shaan- the very versatile singer.For the promotion of her latest film ‘Aisha’, she had come on the sets of Chhote Ustaad. Chhote Ustaad is talent hunts show where in little kids showcase their singing skills.

Coincidently, Shaan was also was called on the show to make an appearance. The actress was at her best when she was on the sets of the talent show. ‘Aisha’ had just released and she was looking quite excited about her movie.

Sonam was sitting exactly next to the singer and was seen blushing big time according to people from the sets of the show. She admitted that she used to have a big crush on Shaan and has found herself quite lucky to sit next to him and judge the show.”

Sonam was looking absolutely vivacious in a very gorgeous sari.
It was quite a surprise for everyone to see her in traditional outfit, considering her close association with big brands nowadays.

Well, they say you have to wait till college to get into the real fun in life, the pubs, the drinking, the night outs, the big friends group, everything, excites every kid dosen’t it?

Yes it does, and I at the age of 15 was no different, just waiting to get out of my uniform so that I could wear clothes of my choice, look cooler than others(I thought my selection was much better than others), be the stud and have all the fun in life, but what I didn’t know was that the best 1 year stretch in my life would be right here, right now. This was  the year that I had the most amount of fun at a stretch, I mean of course college was great and so was 11th and 12th grade but not as good as 10th because I had a few hiccups there.

So what made it so much fun, well its too much to put down on your screen but I would tell you the highlights.

  1. It was when I had the biggest group of my study life, real friends who I would love to roam with, play with and even study with sometimes. I had a lot of real good friends who liked me and I liked them. I love being in a big group, always wanted to be in 1, so that was the only i I had 1 and enjoyed it a lot.
  2. The camp – We had J.R.C camp in our tenth standard, the only over night outing I was sent for till college and it was amazing. We played games, danced, had bonfire, slept in tents in a very cold place, it was a lot of fun considering that I didn’t have my big group as they had all opted for scouts while I joined J.R.C.
  3. I had the most amazing farewell party of my life, much better i could safely say, then my 12th or college. There was dance(with all the girls i had a crush over!!!;-)), games and a lot of crying as well(even boys, OMG) but all in the name of our friendship.(but the funny part was that we all knew we were surely meeting soon enough in the higher secondary school of the same name only 2 mins walking distance from our current campus, but all in the name of farewell… lol.

And a lot of things that are not so clear that I can put on paper(or rather digital data that can be displayed on you monitors), but it was the only year so satisfying and without any problems for me that I just cannot get over how nice it was.

I cannot thank every part of that year enough for making it sooo beautiful for me.

If you people come across this please do leave a comment here so that I know you’l liked it as much as me.

A special mention has to go to all my special friends to whom I will dedicate a new post, just hoping that I will et my school photo somewhere!!!


Google's latest AI car


Anyone driving the twists of Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles recently may have glimpsed a Toyota Prius with a curious funnel-like cylinder on the roof. Harder to notice was that the person at the wheel was not actually driving.

The car is a project of Google, which has been working in secret but in plain view on vehicles that can drive themselves, using artificial intelligence software that can sense anything near the car and mimic the decisions made by a human driver.

With someone behind the wheel to take control if something goes awry and a technician in the passenger seat to monitor the navigation system, seven test cars have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and more than 1,40,000 miles with only occasional human control. One even drove itself down Lombard Street in San Francisco, one of the steepest and curviest streets in the nation. The only accident, engineers said, was when one Google car was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light.

India win second test by 7 wickets…


Looks like India’s got a grip on the Aussies big time.

India has won again, this time crushing the kangaroos by 7 wickets,an amazing feat well achieved, and who’s responsible??? The great little master who looks younger and better than he ever was steering India to victory yet again with his double hundred in the first innings and an unbeaten 53 in the second, doesn’t look like the auusies have any reply for him, just no reply.

Also a mention has to be made of debutant Cheteshwar Pujara who hit a fluent 72 as India moved to the verge of winning the second cricket Test against Australia on Wednesday.

The hosts, set 207 runs to win on a wearing wicket in a minimum of 77 overs, went to tea on the fifth and final day at a comfortable 185-3 in their second innings at the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore.

Veteran Sachin Tendulkar scored an unbeaten half-century and Rahul Dravid was on 21 not out.

Pujara, who was promoted to number three in place of Dravid, then added 57 for the third wicket with Tendulkar before he was bowled by Hauritz, who was by the way awarded a Test cap only because Venkatsai Laxman was injured.

There has got to be no doubt about who the man of the match would be after an exemplary performance, the ceremony would only be a formality as it would be handed over to the little master.

This must take the spirits of the men in blue and their captian Mahendra Singh Dhoni sky high leading up to their one day series starting on 17th against the Aussies itself, and then their matches with New Zealand next month and South Africa a little later…