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All the fun!!!

Well, they say you have to wait till college to get into the real fun in life, the pubs, the drinking, the night outs, the big friends group, everything, excites every kid dosen’t it?

Yes it does, and I at the age of 15 was no different, just waiting to get out of my uniform so that I could wear clothes of my choice, look cooler than others(I thought my selection was much better than others), be the stud and have all the fun in life, but what I didn’t know was that the best 1 year stretch in my life would be right here, right now. This was  the year that I had the most amount of fun at a stretch, I mean of course college was great and so was 11th and 12th grade but not as good as 10th because I had a few hiccups there.

So what made it so much fun, well its too much to put down on your screen but I would tell you the highlights.

  1. It was when I had the biggest group of my study life, real friends who I would love to roam with, play with and even study with sometimes. I had a lot of real good friends who liked me and I liked them. I love being in a big group, always wanted to be in 1, so that was the only i I had 1 and enjoyed it a lot.
  2. The camp – We had J.R.C camp in our tenth standard, the only over night outing I was sent for till college and it was amazing. We played games, danced, had bonfire, slept in tents in a very cold place, it was a lot of fun considering that I didn’t have my big group as they had all opted for scouts while I joined J.R.C.
  3. I had the most amazing farewell party of my life, much better i could safely say, then my 12th or college. There was dance(with all the girls i had a crush over!!!;-)), games and a lot of crying as well(even boys, OMG) but all in the name of our friendship.(but the funny part was that we all knew we were surely meeting soon enough in the higher secondary school of the same name only 2 mins walking distance from our current campus, but all in the name of farewell… lol.

And a lot of things that are not so clear that I can put on paper(or rather digital data that can be displayed on you monitors), but it was the only year so satisfying and without any problems for me that I just cannot get over how nice it was.

I cannot thank every part of that year enough for making it sooo beautiful for me.

If you people come across this please do leave a comment here so that I know you’l liked it as much as me.

A special mention has to go to all my special friends to whom I will dedicate a new post, just hoping that I will et my school photo somewhere!!!


Life @school

Well, well, well!!!

Looks like its my time to share what i have gone through, endured or enjoyed in my school life.

So here it is…

My schooling is done in Deepvihar school, which then was supposed to be the best school in town(a very, very small town at that) and also there is a very famous story that I keep telling my friends all he time that I joined school(L.K.G i.e.) when i wasn’t even 3 years old, basically every other kid was much older than me, so, since my first day at school, I have always been the youngest one in my friend group because everybody went to school at a regular time, only me who was earlier than them.

It was amazing as I thought it would be the worst thing that could happen to me(getting up in the morning was the thing I was worried about the most, as I was very lazy). As it turned out I was the 1 that cried the most on the first day(believe it or not, there are witnesses of some friends mothers who remember that even when they met me in my 2nd year of engineering). But then it all changed, when i realized, that inspite of being smallest(genetically), I was by far the largest(physically) in my class. I was then the most feared brat in my class who was also good at keeping teachers happy that he liked(which helped a lot, trust me!). So slowly and steadily i stated reigning the uncrowned prince of every class that i stepped into, making the consequent uncrowned king(my dad of course), to be called to my kingdom to pay for all the losses i caused (so i wasn’t the prince after all!!!, but i refused to believe that and keep on reigning supreme… Haha). So that way I would bring a lot of complaints home, making my mom and dad keep visiting my school often, it was only a way to keep my parents in touch with my school I used to tell my friends, mocking them that their parents wouldn’t even remember the drive to our school. I was pretty wity then.

Its been a long write up isn’t it? So basically i spent great years in my school, especially the primary when i wasn’t messed with by anybody, and I kind off liked it, made quite a few good friends which helped me gain ground in the secondary. I stopped hitting people then but I was still the bully.(My x-teachers still remember me as the naughty 1 – basically they still remember me, all of them, its a great feeling to visit my school once in a time).

I will keep adding to this as time keeps passing, and yes I have kept a separate section for my 10th standard as that was my best year of all. I had an amazing time, all my 10th.