The first test between India and Australia played at Mohali cannot be described in simple words. We have heard stories from our grandparents of unsung heroes emerging victories in fight with big persons. It was what happened when Laxman and Ishant Sharma wrote an eventful script to help India cross the line.
An eventful match was what you can say about it in the least, an amazing fightback by Laxman and Ishant Sharma(of all people).
It was a sight o behold, I unfortunately could not watch th whole thing live as I was at work but it was amazing even wtchin the commentary on
One of the greatest close encounters ever seen in recent times.
And believe it or not, the second ones turning out to be quite the same.
Wish the indian team good luck as they try to put the mighty aussies 2-0 down at home. Go india
And by the looks dhoni was really impressed by the way the match went, thus making very positivecomments.